“If it’s not obvious yet, Google+ is going to be able to “undercut” Facebook when it comes to game developers and platform transactions. Instead of taking a 30% cut of all Farmville seeds (or whatever people are buying), Google will be able to take a smaller percentage for themselves. They may even take nothing. And when it comes to “monetization” on the G+ “website,” Google’s trump card against Facebook is that we may never even see an ad on G+. Google has plenty to gain without ever showing an ad and, put simply, Google doesn’t need the money. Facebook’s got to know this, and it’s got to have them just a little bit concerned.”

That’s the creator of MySpace’s opinion of Google+ and monetization. Pretty interesting.

LFTP is sophisticated ftp/http client, file transfer program supporting a number of network protocols. Like BASH, it has job control and uses readline library for input. It has bookmarks, built-in mirror, can transfer several files in parallel. It was designed with reliability in mind.


1 In 3 Facebook Users Swayed By Friends Political Posts

Some 51 percent of social media users have posted political messages on their Facebook wall, yet only about one-third (36 percent) have changed their mind on an issue based on the political content a friend posted on social media.

Market researcher Lab 42 surveyed 500 social media users on…

New Arts Dean is Dean-eriffic!


By Rhyanne Beatty

The Faculty of Arts welcomed Dr. Don Desserud as its new Dean on July 1st. This is the first time Desserud has been involved with UPEI, but he’s no stranger to the university setting. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Political Science from Dalhousie University, two Master’s degrees, one in Political Science from Dalhousie University and the other in English/Creative Writing from the University of New Brunswick, and his PHD in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. 

 “My academic background covers, then, both the humanities and social sciences,” he said.

Desserud wasn’t familiar with UPEI’s campus before accepting the position, as he had only been to the campus a handful of times, but he knew of the university’s “reputation as a strong, student-centred university.”

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Earlier this week, we shared the launch of our first ever Jumo campaigns and are already hearing from many of you eager to get involved.

In the coming weeks, we’re excited to introduce you to some inspiring organizations working to improve lives around the world.

In one of our first ever…


Normalize CSS optional

For those of you who would like to test Fiddles in clean CSS environment.

New fields in API

POST, GIT READ and GIST READ are extended and allow to set External Resources and Normalize CSS.

Displaying user’s fiddles JSON

Latest version added to the Fiddle…


Our UI/UX engineer, Toms Baugis, grows Parsley (parse.ly!) in his living room!


Our UI/UX engineer, Toms Baugis, grows Parsley (parse.ly!) in his living room!


First and second to last time I’ll set foot on my fire escape.


First and second to last time I’ll set foot on my fire escape.


Jeremy Dunck

Votizen is thrilled to announce that Jeremy Dunck has joined the Votizen engineering team! Jeremy joins Votizen from his own software consultancy in Dallas, Texas.

Jeremy Dunck sees change as necessary for progress and uses computers as a tool for good. He was CTO of PegasusNews.com, an…